Senior Leadership Opportunities

Apply for a headteacher or senior leader post in an ASSET Education school
and go through stage one of the process with complete confidentiality.

Finding the right headteacher to lead a school is one of the most important aspects of our work as a trust. We only appoint to a headteacher position if a candidate has satisfied us that they have excellent leadership skills, the potential to improve a school and very importantly share our vision, values and ethos. By getting to know you and your aspirations in stage one of our headteacher recruitment process, we can then consider the best placement for you. If a vacancy exists, or when a vacancy arises, we will consider all candidates who have been successful in stage one and find the best match for the school. At this point the process will become public, references will be taken up, and you will visit the school, meet the staff, pupils and parents and a final decision can be made.

If you are considering your next challenge, or have aspirations to be a headteacher or other senior leader in the near future,
we encourage you to apply.

Contact Clare Flintoff CEO - for a confidential discussion.