A new SEND provision

We will open our new ASSET Flourish provision at Ringshall Primary School in September 2024.  Flourish is an alternative curriculum provision for ASSET children with SEND/additional needs.

There are times when children with special educational needs in our ASSET schools need an alternative curriculum and specialist support in order to access their mainstream school provision.

ASSET Flourish will eventually be a group of several specialist provisions based in ASSET schools across Suffolk, providing short term support to children with a range of needs who are currently finding it challenging to access their mainstream provision.

Our first Flourish centre will open on our Ringshall Primary site in September 2024, providing support for children in Years 3-6 with social, emotional and mental health needs. Children can be referred by their ASSET school for support for 2, 3, or 4 days a week. When children are not in Flourish, members of the Flourish team will provide outreach to their home school, working with the child and their teachers and support staff to see how their usual school provision can be adapted to meet their needs. Flourish is not a long term or permanent provision and children stay on roll at their home school, returning full time when they have received a suitable period of support to help them thrive in their usual setting. 

Future Flourish centres are planned to meet a range of SEN needs, across the age range, and across Suffolk. In time we will offer spaces to children from other schools who are in the locality of a Flourish centre.

Referrals to Flourish are made by home schools in consultation with parents. Applications will go before a panel, and then the Flourish team will put a programme in place of visits to the child in their home school, visits by the child and their parents to Flourish, an agreed timetable for attending flourish and a support package for outreach in the home school.

A placement at Flourish Ringshall may be an option for children in KS2 who are:

Flourish at Ringshall will deliver an alternative curriculum that will provide:

Flourish will follow a core strengths curriculum- based on Bruce Perry’s ‘6 core strengths of healthy child development’.  Each of the core strengths–attachment, self-regulation, affiliation, awareness, tolerance, and respect – is a building block in a child’’s development. Together, they provide a strong foundation of future health, happiness, and productivity.

The Flourish day starts between 9 and 9.30 as children arrive from different places, and ends between 2 and 3.30. Parents should arrange transport but help may be available - parents can apply to Flourish for support if they can demonstrate that transport will be a problem. Classes are small, with a maximum of 8 children could be attending Flourish at any time.


Head of Inclusion: Hayley Cullimore

ASSET Flourish Lead Teacher: Emma Robbie

ASSET Flourish Inclusion CoEducator: Vacancy

If you would like more information Flourish, or would like to make a referral, contact flourish@asseteducation.co.uk.

The Flourish approach is underpinned by our Complete Human Strategy approach to Wellbeing - you can read more about the CHS here.