About Us

ASSET Education is a very special education trust. We have 14 primary schools in Suffolk, each giving children the best foundation in knowledge and education possible. We believe that every child should experience the joy of producing work that makes them proud - experiencing a sense of excellence, and developing expertise in fields of interest that excite them - from arts, to the natural world, to literature or history. We take seriously our role in creating strong foundations for the next generation of leaders and innovators in a world that will need them.

We stand out because as a group of schools we aspire to nurture children into resilient, autonomous adults, empowered to create a more compassionate, equitable and sustainable world in which to thrive. 

The schools make room for pupils to develop leadership and social action while a focus on well-being for both staff and pupils prioritises its importance at the same level as excellent academic results. 

ASSET‘s approach is unique. The body of the Trust is the schools, each distinctive but working together holistically, where Headteachers are trust leaders, and leadership and collaboration are valued and nurtured in staff and children alike.

ASSET schools thrive at the heart of their communities. Because of the Trust’s leadership structure, each school is encouraged to express its distinctive personality, reflecting its locality and taking a prominent role in the lives of the people and organisations that surround it.