Vision and Values

Our vision:

We seek to equip and empower the next generation of children to create a more compassionate, equitable and sustainable world where they personally and collectively thrive.

Our mission:

As a group of schools working in collaboration as one entity, we focus on achieving high standards and excellent practice across all schools, so that every individual has the skills, knowledge, behaviours, values and support they need in order to be the best they can be and to make their contribution to the benefit of all.

Our values:

Excellence - we strive for excellence in every aspect of school life and achievement, tackling disadvantage and inequality with determination and a desire for success. We relentlessly pursue improvement keeping the highest expectations of all and for all. We work with professionalism and efficiency and are self-disciplined, resilient and innovative in order to achieve our aims.

Empowerment - with a shared commitment to our vision and aspirations we empower individuals to be the best they can be. We balance ownership with accountability and build on strengths providing opportunities with positivity and optimism. We encourage trust by delegation and develop energetic, enthusiastic and committed leadership for improvement at all levels.

Engagement - seeking out partnerships with others we value collaboration, cooperation and inclusion for the benefit of all. We take responsibility, acting with commitment, care and respect. We balance support with challenge to seek out the best. We commit to share, innovate and celebrate and require reflection and optimism.

Equity - recognising that starting points and barriers to learning are individual and unique to every learner we seek to provide whatever support, guidance and intervention we can in order to tackle disadvantage and discrimination wherever it exists. We strive to do everything within our capacity to remove the barriers to social mobility, working towards social justice.