Leadership Development

Leadership is a quality that we nurture at every level, from pupils to staff. At ASSET we value shared and distributed leadership models, empowering individuals to innovate and take ownership.

Aspiring and existing leaders across ASSET are invited to half termly leadership discussions which unpack an aspect of leadership, running through current thinking and respected models, and leaving space for discussion and debate between us all as leaders. Attendees build a reflective journal across sessions, which they can dip into, or attend all of. Our discussions this year are on:

Stepping into collaborative school improvement A workshop for Headteachers focusing on the "step up" in terms of leadership that ASSET Circles will bring

Values in Practice How do we ensure that our values are setting our culture? Do all of our staff embrace and embody our values? As leaders, how do we manage the tension when our personal values don't always align with professional commitments?

Adaptive Leadership Do you often feel that daily fire-fighting stops you thinking and working strategically? How do we distinguish between our role as leaders and day to day managers? We'll look at the "Values, Loyalties and Losses" framework to manage factions and think politically when it comes to bringing staff, families and other stakeholders on board with our leadership direction.

Conflict Resolution How do we manage conflict while nurturing humanity and staying true to our values? Learn how to make strategies that will help you approach conflict and brave conversations with confidence. 

Polarity Management How do we navigate impossible challenges - our crunchy questions - balancing what seems like two opposing expectations of our children, staff and ourselves? We'll explore how we can find solutions to the situations where we feel we are making impossible choices or ineffective compromises.

Bringing it together A chance to reflect on previous sessions and discuss and share how some of the tools and principles have worked for you in practice

Headteachers are all members of the Trust Education Improvement Team and meet for a day each half term to work at Trust level on shared priorities

This year ASSET Circles will develop each of our Headteachers as a school improvement partner.

Our approach to leadership development is influenced by the late Professor John West-Burnham, our founding Chair of Trustees, and a key thinker and author on leadership.

If you are a school interested in our Leadership Development approach please contact us at info@asseteducation.co.uk