Measuring Impact

ImpactEd data shows us that ASSET pupil wellbeing is consistently higher than the national average. 

In our latest staff survey 77% of ASSET staff agreed that they know where they can access support and advice if they are struggling with their mental health and wellbeing. In Edurio's latest review of Staff Wellbeing in Academies (2023/24) only 44% of staff nationally said that is was easy to get support for their mental and emotional wellbeing. The same Edurio review found that 57% of staff nationally were able to say they feel excited about the work they do very or quite often. In ASSET schools in 2023 70% of staff agreed that they had a high level of job satisfaction and were motivated by their role.

In 2024 ASSET were shortlisted as Wellbeing Trust of the Year at the MAT Excellence Awards, and for the Positive Culture Award at the TT Education Awards.

Across all ASSET schools we see a positive correlation between how well staff perceive the Complete Human Strategy to be embedded, and their self-reported sense of wellbeing.

Our flagship school for the Complete Human Strategy is Ilketshall St Lawrence, winner of the 2023 Suffolk Education Awards Wellbeing Award. Headteacher Sarah Orves is ASSET Trust Lead for the Complete Human Strategy, leading the team of CHS Leads, developing wellbeing strategy across the trust, and providing training and consultancy externally. 

In our 2023 staff wellbeing survey, 100% of Ilketshall St Lawrence staff said that:

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