Professional Learning

This year we have three key drivers that determine how we work across ASSET:

In terms of professional learning, this means that we make space for staff to complete courses, to reflect on their learning and take time to embed their learning in their everyday practice. When booking on to a course staff discuss with their line manager how they will make space for their learning to have impact. It’s better to do fewer things well, than sign up to several courses that don’t change our practice.

This year we have introduced ASSET Improvement Circles. A Circle is a group of schools that will work more closely together on shared improvement agendas. Staff expect to work more closely with colleagues in their Circle schools, sharing practice, resources and support and challenge to help each other improve and develop. We also have a wide range of networks across the trust so that staff are connected in their development with colleagues across a range of roles and disciplines.

And this year we focus on practice that is deeply rooted in passion for learning and the care we have as professionals. These are the qualities that deliver our values of Excellence and Equity.

Professional Learning is delivered through Trust Together Days where staff work collaboratively across the trust, school PD days, online and in-person training and network meetings. Staff at all levels also have access to coaching and mentoring and external courses and conferences, while leaders can take part in half-termly "Leadership Discussions" and "New to Headship" coaching groups.